Sasa Harambee


This amazing nonprofit was created by two dedicated individuals who hand-drew a logo on a napkin and came for help. Their work in Kenya blew us away. In all our years of working with nonprofits, we have never seen one be more sustainable and productive, even visionary, than this. It was an honor to step in.


We began by cleaning up the logo, creating colors and fonts, building some simple print materials, and then working through the enormous complexity of their organization to unearth theirs why. We branded their slogan, “How we do it, is why it works” as we crafted their website and began organizing their years of amateur photos into a usable library. Our crowning achievement has been the short informational film about their approach that we produced in 2018. More than five years later, we are now launching their social media, helping define communications positions for them (in the U.S. and Kenya), facilitating their program operations through marketing in-country, and developing their newsletter and related CRM solutions